People We’ve Helped:

Jenny Siegle

Hello, my name is Jenny Siegle. I am twenty-three years old and live in Colorado . I was paralyzed at nine months of age from a rare virus, Transverse Myelitis. My spinal cord was injured at the C4/C5 level, which left me as a quadriplegic. I was originally paralyzed from the neck down, but with many years of hard work and determination from therapists, my family, and I; I have regained partial use of my upper body. I am very grateful for what I have regained because I am a very active person.

In the last year, I have had a life changing event that has increased my independence. I traveled to Pennsylvania last summer, worked with Tim and Brian, and received my drivers license! They are amazing instructors who really gave me confidence behind the wheel. Although I left with my license, that was not the last time that I spoke to or saw either of them. I received my van this past February and they came to Colorado to check my van out with me and complete some follow up training.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Tim and Brian. I work in sports journalism and the independence that my van has provided me is unbelievable. I can go from sports venue to sports venue to cover a story all on my own. I can run errands by myself. I can go out with my friends and they do not always have to drive! I am experiencing a freedom that I never thought I could. And the best thing is…I did not only receive a great driver’s education, but I also gained two wonderful friends in Tim and Brian!

bobBob Abercrombie

Hi, my name is Bob Abercrombie and I am a twenty-four year old male and recent client of Brant’s Driving School. During my time with Brant’s I was able to learn how to drive my own vehicle. This newly learned skill has given me independence, freedom and a new sense of self confidence.

While being trained, Brian was patient, knowledgeable and very trustworthy with me. All of the traits that Brian showed me started at the first time I met him for my evaluation. He showed up at the house and shared with me the whole process from the evaluation, all the way to the vehicle checkout. Trustworthiness was demonstrated when Brian let me drive with the J-type series of adaptive equipment. Let me remind you that I have not had any driving experience.

While training, there were a lot of moments that Brian had to express patient moments. It didn’t matter if I was learning how to parallel park, or just going up a big hill in Johnstown for the first time. During the times that I made mistakes, Brian would use his knowledge, in a way to help me perform the task better, never yelling but instead, trusting me to drive correctly.

Those characteristics of Brian’s have helped me to be more independent in my daily life. Instead of waiting for public transportation, now I go to work in my own van. I feel more confident to go out and see my friends, not wanting to ask my parents to drive me everywhere. Finally, I have the freedom to say I am going out to the mall without anyone!!! This feeling would not have been possible without Brant’s Driving School.

Thank you Brian and staff at Brant’s Driving School.

LynnLynn Will

My name is Lynn. I am 48 years old. I have Charcot Marie Tooth, a neurological disorder. It weakens the hands and feet. As a child, I always walked different and stumbled a lot, but I never knew why, nor did it stop me from trying anything. I was diagnosed and got the official disorder name at 16. I continued on life’s path. I became a teacher and even adopted a child.

The past few years I grew a lot weaker and stopped driving, except the 2 blocks to work. Every other trip I made had to be planned ahead. My sisters always drove my car and took us where we needed to go. As I became more and more dependent, I hated it even more, too.

I heard about Total Mobility and went to investigate. There I met Bill, what a doll (and character). He led me to OVR (Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation) and the van process began. After months of paperwork, I received a call from Tim (a sweetheart) at Brant’s Driving School. Training was able to begin. That led me to meet Brian, also a wonderful guy, also at Brant’s. The training continued and then driver’s test day!!! I was a nervous wreck, but I made it.

The day arrived to pick up “my van.” Tim met me and we drove to Johnstown. I even drove myself home ALONE!!!

I never thought I would feel like my sixteen year old at my age. We both got our licenses this year. The freedom and ability to go when I want and where I want, is hard to describe. I am able to go out to eat and shopping whenever I want. I like to take people now and be the driver not the passenger. It is finding independence again!!!

This road to my van would not have happened without so many people along the way. Bill, Brian, and Tim, and OVR (my counselor Wanda) are at the top. They offer people a new opportunity in life. Their personalities are so suited to their work. They are kind, patient, knowledgeable, and are able to put people at ease. What a great service they offer to others.

If you are considering obtaining a van, etc, please don’t hesitate about it. Tim, Brian, and Bill and OVR will be there every step of the way.

Lynn Will

Mr. Brant,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank three of your employees that I dealt with while taking my training with the hand controls.

Julie – who was so nice and so helpful over the phone every time I talked to her.

Brian – who did my evaluation and gave me my first try at the hand controls.

Bob – who did my training for the six hours. I can’t say enough about the kindness and patience that he showed to me, especially the parallel parking! If all your employees are half as nice as him, you have a good crew.

I think it’s a good thing to let bosses know how good their employees are. Please thank them for me.

Diane Wenturine

Dear Bob,

Just a note to thank you again for all your help in teaching me to drive with the hand controls and especially for helping me get through the test. I’ll never parallel park again!

Thanks for your patience!

Diane Wenturine

Jan Cochrane                                                                                                      Julie Newberry