People We’ve Helped:

Jenny Siegle

Hello, my name is Jenny Siegle. I am twenty-three years old and live in Colorado . I was paralyzed at nine months of age from a rare virus, Transverse Myelitis. My spinal cord was injured at the C4/C5 level, which left me as a quadriplegic. I was originally paralyzed from the neck down, but with many years of hard work and determination from therapists, my family, and I; I have regained partial use of my upper body. I am very grateful for what I have regained because I am a very active person.

In the last year, I have had a life changing event that has increased my independence. I traveled to Pennsylvania last summer, worked with Tim and Brian, and received my drivers license! They are amazing instructors who really gave me confidence behind the wheel. Although I left with my license, that was not the last time that I spoke to or saw either of them. I received my van this past February and they came to Colorado to check my van out with me and complete some follow up training.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Tim and Brian. I work in sports journalism and the independence that my van has provided me is unbelievable. I can go from sports venue to sports venue to cover a story all on my own. I can run errands by myself. I can go out with my friends and they do not always have to drive! I am experiencing a freedom that I never thought I could. And the best thing is